We inviting You to valid CACAG agility competition "Vilniaus taurл 2013"

Date: 2013.05.01
Judge : Vytautas Guobys (Lithuania)
Organizer : VРMB agility sekcija "Abu2"
Surface : natыrali юolл / natural grass
Size of square: 20X40 m.

Main information :

Registration - 09.30
Competition starts at - 10.00

Competition schedule *:
Agility A1 exam I
Agility A1 exam II
Agility A2 exam I
Agility A2 exam II
Agility A3
Open Agility
Jumping A3
A0 I

Order of the courses can be specified after the end of the registration.

Competitions require advance registration until 22.04.2013 (including)
Please send filled registration forms (attached) to: agility.abu2@gmail.com. Every registered participant will get a confirmation of a registry by e-mail.

Entry fee:
A1, A2, A3  – 40 Lt (12 EUR);
A-0 – 20 Lt (6 EUR)

For more information please read Regulation of competition (attached): http://www.abu2.eu/vilniaustaure2013.php